Toe Salad

An interview with Anyones Barefoot Shop

Around the world there are a few shoe shops that are specialized in minimal shoes. In a series of interviews Toesalad wants to introduce some of them to you. This interview will be with Anyones Barefoot Shop, a Dutch shop and web shop that only sells barefoot shoes. At Anyones we spoke to Paul and Ans who are the founders of this shop in Tilburg, The Netherlands.

A Review of the Ulysses, VIVOBAREFOOT's Huarache Sandal

For the past few summers I have been wearing sandals a lot, mostly the Teva Zilch and Teva Northridge. This summer marks the first time I have worn a huarache inspired sandal, the VIVOBAREFOOT Ulysses - a modern take on an ancient design. Now with 2015 updates.