Backpacking on the International Appalachian Trail, New Brunswick

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Two weekends ago we went for a short overnight backpacking trip on a section of the International Appalachian Trail (IAT) in New Brunswick. We have tried really hard to find things to like about New Brunswick, but so far - from a hiker/backpackers perspective - we have yet to find anything that really woos us.

The reason we chose New Brunswick this time is that the trail head was relatively close to where we live (a big plus when you are just doing a short trip), and there are no camping fees - the IAT in Quebec would cost us around $40 or $50 per night. There are other places where we could have gone around here that would not have cost us anything, but we decided against it considering it was in the middle of hunting season. So, New Brunswick it was.

We went in with no expectations other than the fact that we would be spending two days in the bush. Having no expectations turned out to be a good thing since the section of trail we had picked - unbeknownst to us - was built on an old rail bed (i.e. flat, wide, and doesn't go over any peaks). In other words, dull.

We still had fun, enjoyed the fall leaves and a morning snowfall, and managed to get a few decent photos. Not every trip has to be spectacular, what is important is getting out and doing it.

IAT New Brunswick - Rail bed trail
The "trail" (i.e. road) looked like this the whole way.
IAT New Brunswick - Damien
IAT New Brunswick - GoLite?
From the kids' perspective, having a lighter pack means you can load it up with treasures along the way. Like heavy steel scrap from the former railroad.
IAT New Brunswick - CloudsIAT New Brunswick - HMG Echo IIIAT New Brunswick - SunsetIAT New Brunswick - FirelightIAT New Brunswick - Celine and LaurentIAT New Brunswick - Renee and CelineIAT New Brunswick - Minimalist shoes
IAT New Brunswick - Double load
Due to a last-minute shoe change for Renee (a big mistake!), she ended-up getting a really sore foot along the way. So sore that I had to carry her pack for a significant portion of the way back. It made for lots of laughs and a good photo op.
IAT New Brunswick - Done




Holy cow! Guess carrying the

Holy cow! Guess carrying the second pack on the front wasn't an option? Thanks for your blog. It's inspirational (almost enough to get me off my unmotivated bum, which is saying something)

In the phototgraph where you

In the phototgraph where you are kneeling by the A frame tarp it looks like you have something that reflects heat on the ground I'm wondering what it is. Where did you get? How much was it? And, do you recommend it?. Also how was sleeping under the tarp. Thanks for your time.

I love tarp "tenting"! My

I love tarp "tenting"! My husband sets it up between trees, at a higher height during the day time. Amazing, just with cord and a tarp. And poor you, those packs are HUGE! How long were you gone for?

Love your way of living, we

Love your way of living, we have also 3 kids, we are gathering all the equipment we need to go out like you but we are having a hard time to find good equipment for our fast growing kids. My 2 questions are: what brand and model of backpack your children use, and what brand and model is the "puffy" jacket your children use?