Cross-country Race at Carleton-sur-Mer

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I hope you guys aren't getting tired of race photos yet. Having one cross-country race every other weekend means we have been doing quite a bit of running lately, and thus our photos have taken on a strong running flavor these past few weeks. The last race is this weekend in Matapedia, then back to our regular scheduled programming of weekly hiking - and when the snow flies - backcountry skiing.

These photos are from the race at Carleton-sur-Mer, at the local cross-country ski area. Fall colors were in full swing, and since it had rained significantly the days preceding, there was plenty of mud as well. Brienne took her second gold medal, and shocked us all by beating all of the boys (except for one, who passed her just before the finish line) in her age group. See the video below.

The race course, at the local cross-country ski areaBrienne, in first placeCeline near the start of the raceFloraThe girls, post raceFall colorsBrienne, on the podium